Please Review Our Rules Prior to Signing Up!

We are an Unmanned fitness facility. With that, we require our members to have a certain level of understanding and integrity when it comes to following our rules and policies. Please be sure you are aware of what is expected of you before you sign up.

Under No Circumstances is a member allowed to let someone else into the gym. Each member is assigned a unique key that identifies them in our system. This not only maintains business integrity for us, but it also keeps our members safe and our memberships fair. When we say No Circumstances, we mean it!

Penalties for violations include:

  • Disqualified for membership discounts (1st offense)
  • 2-Week Suspension (1st Offense)
  •  $10 Fee for letting in other Members. $40 Fee for letting in Non-Members (1st Offense)
  • Permanent Termination (2nd Offense)

Members or Non-Members who desire access should call us at 518-290-0604. We have the ability to remotely let people in if the situation is warranted. Do Not “make the call” yourself. Let us handle it.

Like any gym, we ask that you be courteous to others, pick up after yourself and wipe down any equipment you use. We also ask that you do not wear muddy sneakers into the facility. If we find that you have left a mess or failed to adhere to this rule, we will charge you a clean up fee of $10.

Sign Up Is Easy. Here's how...

We've tried to cut as much fat as possible in order to make signing up easy.

Step 1. Sign Up

Sign up by clicking on a membership above. The link will take you to our MindBody Platform to create a profile, sign our waiver, review our policies, and purchase memberships and services. You'll be able to access your profile anytime to make adjustments.

Step 2. Get Your Key

After you (and others if purchasing a dual or family plan) sign up, your key(s) will be made asap (usually within 24hrs). Once made, your key will be available to pick up a number of different ways. We also have the ability for you to make your own key. Whatever the scenario, we will make it happen.

Step 3. Get to Work!

Now that you're a member, your part of the family. Come whenever you like and use whatever you like. There are no limits on machines and no restrictions. We ask that you be respectful to other members and always remember to follow our posted rules and clean up after yourself.

AutoPay Memberships

Our Auto-Pay Memberships will be the least of your struggles while at Ideal Fitness.
Just so there are no surprises, expect a start-up fee for new or returning members and a 30-day cancellation policy on all Auto-Pay Memberships. Auto-Pay Members are also eligible for our "Rate-4-Life" promise. This guarantees your rate doesn't go up for as long as you maintain your membership. *ID Required for Military and 1st Responder Discounts.

Please review our Cancellation & Suspension Policy before signing up.

Single-member Option

2 members of the same household.

Up to 4 members of the same household. Expandable to 6 for an additional $10/person.
Must show ID
Must show ID
Must provide Silver Sneakers ID
**Expires after 3 months of No Activity**
**Cancel anytime with a 30-Day Written (Email) Notice**

Short Term Memberships

While our Auto-Pay Memberships are the most convenient, our short term memberships offer a little more flexibility for $5 more a month. Day and Week Passes must be purchased by the user. You can not purchase for someone else.

**There is a $5 charge for each key fob for all Short Term Memberships**

Gift Cards

Below you will find Gift Cards and other deals as they become available.